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Pallium’s Suite Brief

pNFT - A DeFi Rental & Loan Protocol

As NFTs owner, you can lend in-game NFTs for the renter with periodical interest or collateralize NFTs to get a loan from lender meanwhile you have valid use right of digital asset to play in-game


Secured investment funds and communities on Pallium have work side by side on projects, on the same terms, towards the same goals. Pallium offers a virtual accelerator program for fundraising and community building for new NFT game studios onboarding & associated benefits on pNFT as Pallium's partners

NFT All-in-one Platform

NFTs generation toolkits (SDKs) in Pallium's Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) package are provided to help transform a traditional game studio to convert into an NFTs game, with private chain creation and NFT cross-chain wrapper at an ease. The native NFT wallet generation by Pallium's MaaS support multi-chain NFT wallet and multi-chain marketplace that allows cross marketplace decentralized exchange

Pallium’s Ecosystem

Design your own economies


Access to dedicated private sale pool of Pallium & Game studios partner

Yield Farming

Provide liquidity on pNFT to earn PAL as rewards & stake PAL

Community Rewards & Growth

Gamification & airdrop events, tournament

Token monthly burn

Profits generated by pNFT and platform to be used to buy back PAL

Pallium DAO

PAL holders will govern the direction of pNFT and platform

Ecosystem Partners

Trusted by strategic game-studios and technical partners in the metaverse

Chain Services

Partners & Backers

Founding Team

Gia Le
Gia Le
Go-to-market & Metaverse
Strategy Vietnam

Our Leadership

Thang Le
Thang Le
Co-CEO, Sydney


Jason Pott
Jason Pott
Distinguished Professor/ Co-director
RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub
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A pioneering NFTs financial services enabler to build turnkey solutions and innovative DeFi protocols for studios to integrate into blockchain and metaverse landscape

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